“We have a passion for great libations and knew we could craft an amazing, locally-owned spirit.”

Doesn’t sound like a promising way to start a business, but Michael and Dana Hoey did just that. They created Red Fork Distillery. The husband and wife team enjoyed sharing an occasional drink at parties and events and thought they could give it a go. With a background in construction and promotional services, Mike and Dana had a unique combination of expertise in which to start a local distillery in 2015.

What they lacked in experience, they overcame with a passion to create a locally-crafted, delicious line of spirits. Red Fork Distillery is Oklahoma’s first legal distillery since prohibition ended in 1933. The drive to make a better product was cultivated and harvested from the Hoey’s hearts and family heritage centered in Buffalo, Oklahoma. A grain elevator still stands on the land that inspired the Hoey’s to create rich, locally crafted, delicious spirits for their friends – new and old.


The brick that is the foundation of the Red Fork Distillery still was forged in Buffalo, Oklahoma. A further homage to this company’s passion of locally crafted products.